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Institue Executive Director Dr. Jay Bayne, in collaboration with Dr. Anish Arora of Ohio State and Dr. Rajesh Gupta of UC San Diego submitted a joint proposal entitled "Localization and System Services for SpatioTemporal Actions in Cyber-Physical Systems" in response the a recent NSF solicitation related to cyberphysical systems. Working at the intersection of logical and physical worlds with the advances in processing, communications, localization technologies, emerging cyberphysical systems (CPS) hold an enormous potential for building new classes of engineering systems that are enabled, monitored and controlled by computing and humans in the loop. There are fundamental challenges ranging from how computing systems and software are architected, implemented, composed and programmed; and how these systems are validated. For these systems to be effective, a diverse set of events and actions arising from various parts of coupled physical and logical subsystems must be captured and processed in a manner that does not violate assumptions of the underlying physical or computational processes.