MKEI Computational Resources


As part of its ongoing commitment to the development of a regional cyberinfrastructure (the Milwaukee Metropolitan Grid - MGrid), the Institute has acquired and, beginning in April of 2009, deployed a High Performance Computer cluster, designated, and a visualization server with 2 GPU's.  It is a key resource in hosting high-fidelity modeling, simulation and visualization applications and services for regional .edu, .com and .gov institutions.

Dell HPC Cluster [hpc01, upgraded as of 9/25/13]


hpc01 was originally launched in two traunches, included 16 Dell PowerEdge 1950 servers, each with dual quad-core Intel Xeon E5440 proccessors, and 13 Dell PowerEdge r410 servers, each with dual quad-core Intel Xeon E5520 processors for a total of 29 nodes and 232 cores.  It was recently upgraded with 16 Dell PowerEdge r620 servers, each with dual eight-core Intel Xeon E5-2660 [Sandybridge] processors, and 1 Dell PowerEdge r820 Deep Memory Node with 768 GB of RAM and four eight-socket Intel Xeon E5-4660 (Sandybridge-E) processors.  This brings hpc01 to 46 servers and 520 cores.




Visualization GPGPU/Cuda Server [mkvisual1]


mkvisual1 is a 2U server that contains dual six-core Intel Xeon X5650 [Westmere] processors, an NVIDIA Quadro 4000 (256-core) ideal for rendering high fidelity images, and an NVIDIA Tesla C2075 (448-core) for use with CUDA programming for a total of 12 CPU cores and 704 GPGPU cores.