Public Policy Forum Viewpoint Luncheon

10.25.2012 - The Milwaukee Institute is pleased to participate in the Public Policy Forum's  Viewpoint Luncheon conversation on Milwaukee's Information Technology Infrastructure: Do We Have What It Takes to Compete?  The discussion, to be held on 10.29.2012 in conjuction with the Milwaukee Regional Research Forum and the Medical College of Wisconsin's Clinical Translational Science Institute will be moderated by Kathleen Galagher of the Journel Sentinal and include Dr. Jay Bayne from the Milwaukee Institute, Ms. Nancy Olson, City of Milwaukee's CIO, Ms. Tina Chang, CEO of SysLogic, and Mr. David Crass, Director of Research Cyberinfrastructure at UWM.  For background reading, here are two documents explaining the role of HPC systems and "Big Data Analytics" as seen from the perspective of the European Union and from the state of  Massachussets.  In addition, we have provided for luncheon attendees a "cheat sheet" defining many concepts related to the subject of the meeting.


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