Financial Services


The Midwest has long been home to many of the best financial institutions in the nation, including companies focused on financial transaction processing, insurance, commercial banking, investment banking, equity financing, mutual funds and hedge funds. The financial services industry has for decades lead the country in the adoption of information technology. Fiserv, Metavante, and Deluxe are all headquartered in Wisconsin and together have a leadership position in electronic internet and privately networked accounting and payments solutions for financial service companies worldwide. These companies manage state-of-the-art IT operations centers that support 24x7 operations with five "9's" of reliability. Increasingly, financial service firms in the region are turning to new web-based services, programming languages, operating systems and communication protocols to extend their services and to solve problems with their legacy systems.

The Institute is in contact with many of the financial service organizations in the region about collaborative research services, cyber-infrastructure and computational resources that are believed to be beneficial, and in some cases necessary, to their respective business operations. It is the expectation of the participants that leaders will be selected, work teams organized and collaborative research projects identified that will be served by the cyber infrastructure being developed by the Institute. If you or your organization is interested in being a participant in the financial services cluster please follow the link to Contacts.

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Role of the Institute           

The Institute will support the work of the participants in the financial services cluster by providing web-based collaboration services to assist project participants with communications, project management, financial and resource management. The Institute will also provide some or all of the computational resources necessary to model, analyze and simulate a wide range of financial transactions and to configure advanced financial service systems that couple, in real time, vertical business level processes and horizontal supply-chains in order to improve the agility, quality and performance of commercial enterprises.